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All our group sessions are held outdoors, athletes should dress accordingly and have spare kit in case of poor weather to travel home in. During the September – April period, athletes must wear High Viz training gear. Spare high viz training tops are available for athletes during any trial period. Training sessions are held on either the track or we have the advantage of either the University playing field or path circuits surrounding the University.


Typically, athletes will cover 2 – 4 miles in each training session. Although it is important to bear in mind that this is split into a series of activities and included breaks for running drills and rest between running efforts.


The group follows a year round training plan with athletes placed in a supervised coaching group depending on their previous experience in running, other sports and age. Club training is structured towards school and club competition. Initially we recommend that anyone new to running (and when they are ready), experience local and possibly regional competitions. We can offer selective national competitions for those who would benefit from this.