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Youth Development League (YDL) Coventry - 30.04.17

A Silver Lining to a typical British Bank Holiday Weekend Weather Report!


With north westerly winds gusting up to 30 mph across the sky-blue Coventry mondo athletics track, plus an overcast day;  athletes and spectators, were forced to retrieve their winter gear from their kit bags for the opening match of the 2017 UK Youth Development League (UKYDL).  It would be fair to say another typical UK bank holiday weekend!


While results are currently been scrutinised by team managers which will delay their publication, our reporting team can take pleasure in being the first to break the news that Coventry Godiva Harriers finished a clear second in the team standings. 


Today was always going to be a day where race time would be impacted by adverse weather conditions but resolute racing from the Godiva endurance squad resulted in an impressive points total towards club success.   


As soon as the results are available we will release to our readers with further analysis.

Athlete's View

The first YDL upper age group took place today and everyone was excited to start the season off positively. The meeting was held at home so it was enjoyable so see a competitive atmosphere at the track. Lots of the under 15's, even though they weren't racing, came to support all the older athletes and also help out at the Hungry Harrier.


The weather was sunny but windy conditions, so nicer for spectators than for the athletes battling against the wind on the home straight. It was a very relaxed day as there was not as many clubs competing; however there were some strong clubs such as Charnwood. However Godiva competed well and performed impressively against all the other teams. The endurance races were very well performed with a wide variety of people placing in the top three. Races that were well ran included the 3000m, 1500m and 800m. These performances distinctly displayed our hard work and effort in all the training sessions that our coaches have put together.


However Godiva Endurance were not only competing in the distance events, there were many of us racing in the sprints in order to claim as many points as possible for the club. In the Godiva Endurance group we try to incorporate speed work in training so we were not shy from performing in this area. Our stamina helped us to outrun some sprinters in other clubs in events like the 300m and the 400m which highlighted to everyone that Godiva has a huge work ethic, yet enjoys every moment of competing.


The 4x300m and 4x400m relays were a great success with mainly an all Endurance team for both. We maintained our impressive performance until the end placing in the top two for most of them.


Overall the day was a huge success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed yet competitive atmosphere of the day. Well done to everyone.


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