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Road Running Guide


This advice is for all young runners at Coventry Godiva Harriers and aims to provide all our athletes with useful tips on safer road running, which can be applied both for club runs as well as individual training runs.  


All runners must take personal responsibility for their own safety and this guidance is intended to aid you in your personal safety and makes recommendations to control risk (i.e. the things that make you safe).  It also assists your club coaches to organise safe group running conditions.


Be Healthy

  • Do not run if you feel unwell, unfit or are injured.

  • You must notify coaches of any specific medical condition or when returning from long term injury or an illness.

  • If you have asthma ensure that you take your preventer / reliever inhaler with you.

  • Any accidents or injuries that occur during a club session should be reported to your club coach as soon as possible.


Be Visible


  • When running in the dark wear bright, highly visible, and preferably reflective, clothing.

  • The club can supply high viz vests if required.  


Running Kit for Adverse Weather

  • Wear clothing in layers so as to trap a warm layer of air, but avoid overdressing.

  • Protect the extremities - consider carrying/wearing a hat and gloves in winter condition.

  • After your run change into dry clothing for your journey home.


Know Where You're Going

  • Aim to arrive for a club session on time (between 6:15 – 6.25pm). 

  • We meet in the Coventry Godiva clubhouse.  

  • Always listen carefully to the coach explaining the route and ask if you are not sure.


Stay Safe: 

  • Run in the middle of pavements rather than the roads.

  • Always stop and look before crossing roads.

  • Never expect a motorist to know where you are going to run.

  • Use where ever possible traffic crossing and wait until it is safe to cross.

  • Do not simply follow the runner In front when crossing the road. Always check thoroughly for your own safety. 

  • Those at the front of the group should shout a car/bike/obstacle warning to those behind.  


Be Courteous

  • Be aware of other road/pavement users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Please be considerate of other pedestrians when running up behind them


Look After Each Other

  • Take responsibility for the welfare and safety of your club mates, not just yourself.

  • Ensure that no-one is left behind, gets lost, or becomes isolated.


 Don't Disappear

  • If leaving the group before the end of the session, ensure that the club coach is aware of this



  • Headphones/MP3/i-pods etc. are not permitted during any club session, including track


Consider ID

  • In case of an emergency situation consider carrying ID (name, address, emergency contact, medical condition info).


If There is a Medical Emergency

  • Don’t be afraid and try to remain calm.

  • Call for help.


Have we Missed Anything?

  • If you have a good tip for safe road running that you would like to share, please pass to your club coach for inclusion in the next version of this document.


It should be recognised that in providing this guidance the club and its members are not responsible for the accuracy of the guidance or the risk-based decisions made in its use.  It does not include information on activities such as warming up or cooling down which are an important part of injury prevention.